Sa adhebu ila…Paris…

It’s 9:22 PM in Alabama and I am 35,000 feet somewhere over Canada. My flight from Atlanta to Paris was delayed due to a thunderstorm for over an hour, so my last views of America [from the ground, at least] were dreary and wet. I should be arriving in France sometime around 10:15 AM [Paris time], which is in about six hours. It still seems pretty surreal to me that I’m actually on my way to Morocco and that I’ll be living there for the rest of the summer. It started to sink in when I said goodbye to my dad at security and realized that I was really on my own and flying halfway around the world to a place where I don’t know a soul and only speak the language at an elementary level. I have no idea what is in store for me over the next few weeks, and I would like to say that I’m anxious, excited and scared, but right now, I don’t really feel anything. I suppose when I get to Paris the panic will set in at being surrounded by hundreds o f people speaking a language I don’t know a word of.
There are mostly French people on my flight [Jamie is laughing sadistically somewhere right now] so I really can’t understand what anyone is saying anyway. The rudest woman in history is sitting in front of me with her daughter and I would absolutely love to kick one of them in the face. It would be nice if that was just due to travelling stress, but it isn’t. This woman basically kicked another girl out of her seat so her daughter could see the in-flight movie [Fool’s Gold..ugh..don’t bother]. I mean, she asked, but it was basically just an order with the word please tacked onto the end. Then, her daughter leans her chair all the way back, basically into my lap, and even when dinner is served and I’m basically sitting with my tray in my lap, this lady doesn’t have the decency to say, “we should move our seat back up so the girl behind us can eat without getting a crick in her neck”. Ughhh. Oh well, they’re both asleep now so hopefully I won’t have to deal with them again until morning. As for me, I’m going to try and sleep for a little while [I have two seats to myself so I can stretch out a little bit- suck on that mean lady!] and then start studying my Arabic..I suppose I should have been doing that all summer. Oh well! Hopefully in time my blog entries will get more poetic and have more imagery, but I’m not promising anything! Goodnight from Quebec City, guys!

Salaam wa hubb,

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