I just got out of another lovely three-hour long Arabic class, and now I’m back at the apartment “relaxing” before starting a whole bunch of ridiculous homework. Religion class was long, and the most boring three hours of my life. We counted how many times Professor Zitouni said “if you want”, and by the end of the three hours, the count was over 500 times! It was pure torture! The only bright spot in the day was the break after the first two hours when I got to go eat my milfay, this delicious concoction that is half wafer, half cake. It’s always the highlight of my day!
I was up with the boys until 3am last night playing Bullshit, so I was exhausted by time we got home from class, and took the world’s best nap until lunch was ready. It wasn’t very good today: cold rice and French fries in the green sauce we are constantly served. Arabic class was long, but productive. I’m beginning to understand more and more, even if it is embarrassing constantly making mistakes in front of everyone. It’s a really difficult class, but I know it will be worth it eventually.

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