Not much has happened for the past two days. Night before last Addison, Michael and I set up camp on the roof. I wisely chose to sleep in the middle of the two of them, and apparently hogged the covers all night long and they were freezing to death. I slept like a rock, and didn’t wake up until 7:15. Then I climbed down off the roof and slept in my bed for another two hours. Lauren, Julia and I met Iman at the Bab Mansour at 10:30 and we wandered around the medina for a few hours. I didn’t end up buying anything, but it was fun just to look. After that Michael, Addison and I went to McDonalds and then Iman brought over a lady who gave all the girls henna. I’m sorry today’s entry is short and choppy, but I’m in a weird mood, and really tired. Maybe I have mono. Ugh.
Take care, all.

Salaam wa hubb,

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