this may hurt a little, but it's something you'll get used to..

The Cairene night is warm and stagnant, the air so still that my cigarette smoke hangs lazily above my head, a cyanide halo. Suddenly I feel as if I am drowning in it, the smoke engulfing me until it mingles with the tears fogging my vision. What is this feeling?

Everything is about to change. The people who helped me to make Cairo home have all left, and I'm still here...still sitting in my backyard, listening to the dogs fighting in the distance, wondering about the Egypt I will come back to in July. I miss you all already. I miss Port Said, and Turkey, and everything in between.

And then, a breeze blows through the night and carries the smoke away, along with everything I have known about life here. Suddenly everything is new.

2 "bhebek"s:

erika edith said...

change is a good thing. i always have a hard time remembering that when life is passing me by - but when i take a moment to think about it all the best things in life come out of change. great post.

hemlinesheadlines said...

Hey! I got your blog address from Sarah Von when I emailed her about the networking thing. I'm a junior at Tulane University, but I'm studying at American University in Cairo for the next two semesters.

I was elated when I got your blog address & even more so when I read it & saw the title. I'd love to get any information or anecdotes you have about living in Cairo, & in any case, can't wait to continue reading your blog. It sounds like you live the life I'm dying to achieve.