I've got some 'splaining to do

A brief explanation as to why I havent been/ won't be posting for a while:

After a mere seven days of class, the school was buzzing yesterday about exactly how long we would have off for Eid; the previously accepted time was 6 days, starting Friday. Around noon, there was a visible change in the atmosphere here at AUC as everyone ran around screaming and hugging. Turns out, the Egyptian government cancelled all schools and universities until October 3 [at the earliest] due to Eid and the onset of swine flu here. So, I'm off to Hurghada, a small beach town on the Red Sea, until Monday, and then probably heading to Israel and Jordan with my boyfriend [ much for not letting things get out of hand with Goose, right? Who's surprised?] where we will meet up with the two Chris's.

Don't miss me too badly, and be looking forward to regular posting and lots of adventurous stories when I get back!

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