Lessons learned thus far in Al-Misr

  1. The security guards at AUC do not like Capture the Flag. They do not want us to like capture the flag. Especially not after midnight. Especially not during class. Especially not on their sandscaping.
  2. Doritos are about as expensive as a weekend on the Mediterranean.
  3. Shisha is a universal cure-all.
  4. So are good friends.
  5. You cannot walk more than 50 feet at AUC without running into one of these good friends.
  6. It is possible to take a walk of shame at 6am without having shacked anywhere.
  7. Alabama football is nearly as important as air.
  8. Sleep is not nearly as important as I had originally thought. Neigh, it is possible to function daily on three hours of sleep.
  9. Egyptian Arabic is wack.
  10. Keeping your cheeks clenched constantly is the only way to prevent tap-water-induced accidents.
  11. Dramaderies are terrifying, as are Arabian stallions. But nothing will make you as happy as galloping through the desert on one as the sun rises over the pyramids.
  12. Piastres are the biggest waste of paper ever. In the history of the world.
  13. Skype is life.
  14. Ten completely different people can become family in less than two weeks.
  15. Foosball is a national pasttime here.
  16. 8:30am classes are not as bad as I feared.
  17. A "short trip" to the city will always last at least seven hours.
  18. Ramadan rocks.
  19. The HUSS building makes no sense. At all. It's a sick joke.
  20. You can waste all the water you want here. You want 50 fountains on campus? No problem. You wanna take an hour long shower? Go ahead. Water the sand? You got it boss. Let the faucet run all night? Stop worrying. Really, it's not like the Middle East is in a water crisis or anything.

...more to come, I'm sure.

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