Only two exciting things happened yesterday.
1) All the girls were sitting in the living room when a laser sight [like the kind from a gun] came into the window and landed on Brigid’s book. We all saw it and freaked out, running to Lauren and Julia’s room in the back of the apartment. Their door was closed and started shaking as we went to open it [that was just the wind, but at the time it was scary], so we ran back into the living room, diving on the floor, screaming about snipers. Julia refused to sit anywhere but on the floor for the rest of the night.
2) I initially went to bed at 9pm because there was nothing to do. At 10:30, I woke up hearing music outside in la Plaz. So I convinced Julia to get dressed and we ventured out into the night [without any boys- a first for us!], but the music was already done by then. We decided to wander a bit more and went towards the festival. We caught a glimpse of a white guy at a pay phone [you’d have to live in Meknes to understand how ridiculously exciting it is to see another white person!], and stalked him for a few minutes- until we noticed that we were getting stalked by Moroccan guys as we were stalking the white guy! We hurried off down the street, and two Moroccan guys followed us for a while talking about Cameron Diaz. Switching directions in an attempt to lose them, we passed the white guy we had seen earlier- and now he had a friend with him. They called out to us, “Hey, you speak English?” in [and this is the absolute best part] Scottish accents. It turns out that they are two late 20s/early 30s Scotts who randomly moved to Morocco on a whim to open a riyad in the medina. Their names are Reese and Frankie and they were really nice- especially since they were speaking English! They asked Julia and I out to coffee sometime so we got their numbers and I think we’re going to go either today or tomorrow. Hurray for hot new friends with sexy accents!
Other than those two things, yesterday was pretty boring. In Religion class, Zitouni said “if you want” a little over 500 times, and I did better in Arabic class than I have ever done. It was encouraging, especially since I was struggling a little at first. I ended up getting locked out of the apartment last night around 4am so I had to sleep downstairs in the boys’ apartment. I skipped bellydancing this morning because I stayed up way too late last night.
A few random thoughts for this random blog entry:
When I first got to Meknes, I thought piling six people in a grand taxi was crazy. Now when I see a petit-taxi zoom by with only one passenger, all I can think about is what a waste of space it is, and wonder how many more people could fit into it.
I think I will have some problems relearning to use sidewalks in the US. We walk in the street everywhere here!
I might actually miss the heckling. I will need some of my guy friends to follow me around to class and hoot and holler about how pretty I am so I won’t get homesick for Meknes.
I get more excited every day as I’m watching the TV with Arabic subtitles and understanding more and more of the words. I’m actually learning a lot!
“I want your hoohoo sauce.”-Random Arabic guy on the street to me and Julia
Salaam wa hubb,

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