Yesterday was uneventful- again. Three hours of class, which didn’t go quite as well as the day before. Then Michael, Addison, and I made fried eggplant breaded with flour and corn flakes, smothered in tomato sauce. It was surprisingly delicious! We’re going to make our own food every night from now on since the same tastes of the dinner we’re made are starting to make us sick.
There was a local concert outside where little kids were rapping and dancing. It was adorable. Addison, Ben, Brigid, Jamila, Michael, Jared, and I went and watched for a little while, and when it started to wind down Jamila, Jared and I went to Hotel Rif to the bar, where Jamila knows the owner. He gave us a free round and showed us the nightclub downstairs. We got excited and came back to the apartments to get Brigid and Michael. The five of us went back and the DJ turned on American dance music for us. Hardly anyone else was there and we were the only ones dancing except for a creepy old Moroccan, but we still had fun..for a few minutes I felt like I was back in the States and everything was normal again.
This trip has definitely made me start thinking about my plan and about myself and what I want out of life. I love Morocco a lot, and I love Arabic, but I think I need to cool down on my plan a little bit. It’s a lonely life even being here with 13 of my peers. Thinking about the job I want and my plan, my life is only going to get lonelier and more serious. Sometimes I’m ok with that, and sometimes I’m not. Being here also makes me reevaluate the entire life I left behind in Alabama. It’s an escape from reality, but eventually I’ll have to go back, and I keep wondering, am I satisfied with my life there? That’s not to say that life is so wonderful here, because it’s not perfect. I’ve definitely had my fair share of drama in the three weeks that I’ve been here. But somehow it’s less upsetting because it’s all only temporary. I’m only living here for 2 months, and I’m almost at the halfway mark. I’ve been in a weird mood for a few days, and I know that’s partially due to some interpersonal stuff going on here, and it’s also because we’re in the downslope from “OMG we’re in MOROCCO, this rocks!” I’m looking forward to getting excited about being here again. I hope it comes soon.

Salaam wa hubb,

It’s 2pm and we just ate lunch. Guess what we found buried beneath the meat and vegetables in the tagine? A rabbit head. No lie. Seriously. A rabbit head. Kadeem.

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