Today was so ridiculously amazing. I can’t even describe how awesome it was. We woke up really really early and drove to Ifrane on the autobus hefla. We went on a short hike to a natural spring and drank the water, which was delicious and freezing cold. Then we climbed trees and took cute pictures and got back on the bus, and went to this guy Zorgon’s house, where they had made us a homemade Moroccan breakfast under an incredible Moroccan tent in their yard, surrounded by chickens, donkeys, and a whole manner of other animals. The breakfast was delicious, served with fresh milk and mint tea. After that we started the world’s longest hike [seriously] up through the forest. It was beautiful but really difficult- at some points we were going up the mountain vertically. It was ten kilometers, and really hard on my knee. But it was all worth it when we got to the top and saw what we had come for- monkeys!!! They were so cool, and would come right up to you and grab things out of your hand. Patrick got attacked not once, but twice, by a papa monkey who he kept making angry by going too close for comfort to a baby monkey. Then we saw the “world’s biggest tree”, which definitely wasn’t actually the biggest but was old and dead and really huge and really cool. Finally we finished the hike, but my feet were killing me because I had borrowed Julia’s shoes which were a size too small and not good hiking shoes to start with.
We were all dying but Daniel and Mohammed and Zorgon kept telling us it would be worth it if we could just make it for a few more kilometers, and they were right. We hiked through a few fields filled with sheep and goats and rams, and then straight up to the most amazing view I have ever seen. We were on a cliff overlooking all of Ifrane. I have never been that high up before without being on an airplane. It was beautiful. You could see for miles and miles and it was so peaceful. It was like we were the only people on the planet; you couldn’t see anything moving below us. I have never felt so at one with nature and so at peace. It was incredible. We took a few moments out on a ledge to just be quiet and listen to nature; it was indescribable.
On the bus on the way back, we had a party. Literally. The bus was flying down the road around twists and turns, the music was cranked up, and we were all in the aisles dancing. It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time. The drivers even switched mid-song, while the bus was still in motion! It was crazy!
I’m so exhausted, I’m pretty sure I burned a million calories today, and I have class at 8:30am. I hope you are all doing well. Take care!

Salaam wa hubb,

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