Last night, Imad, Lauren, Julia, Jared and I went to the medina to see a concert at the old zoo. It was an old hippie band, and we liked it, but were all dying of thirst, so we went to la plaz at the Bab Mansour to get drinks. After that, Jared, Imad and I wandered around, seeing tons of Imad’s friends along the way, and picking people up here and there. It was such a Moroccan experience; someone would call out to him from across the street and come up and start talking in Arabic, Spanish, English, and French all mixed together. It was so uniquely bizarre and so humorous, and it was one of the times when I just felt so happy to be here. The feeling faded a little when my gnarly, down-ass Moroccan friend Imad [or at least that’s what I thought he was] starting hitting on me and asking me to be his girlfriend. Isn’t that how it always is when boys and girls are friends? Que lastima.
Today, the feeling was completely gone for most of the day. I was tired, and stressed, and anxious all for no reason. It was an overwhelming feeling and I couldn’t explain it. We went to belly dancing class, but at 10:30 our teacher still hadn’t shown up [class is at 10…she usually runs on “Moroccan time” and is around 15 minutes late, but 30 was just too much for us] so we left. Then we laid around until class at 4…totally unmotivated and lazy, although I will admit it was nice to have a relaxed kind of day, because we haven’t had any of those thus far in Morocco- we’re constantly moving a million miles an hour! Then we went to class and the most amazing thing happened to turn my day around; one of those things you always dream about happening in college, but that never seems to. After our break at 5:30, our teacher let us go early! An hour and a half early! Alhamdullelah! I think he could tell that we are all tired and a little sick and just burnt out in general, and that we were leaving for Asilah tomorrow and needed to rest. That lifted my spirits considerably, and now I’m pumped for the beach tomorrow! Three days of surf, sand, and sun in Morocco? I definitely need it! I’d say the weekend is off to a good start; I’ll keep you posted!
Have a nehiyat isbooah moomtaz!

Salaam wa hubb,

PS- Another reason why I love Morocco: Julia and Megan just waged war against Alexa and I in a date fight. There are dates all over the apartment and we’ll be finding them for weeks. Alexa got pegged in the face and now has the outline of a date on her eye. I LOVE MOROCCO!
Oh, and to update the flesh wound entire right big toe is purple. How? No clue. I trip a lot.
And my tragus is infected.
That is all.

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